Friday, August 9, 2013

Animal sitting

It's been a while since I posted last but wanted to share a part of what I've been up to for the last few weeks!  Here's a little story about Stella-belle and me I shared on FB a couple weeks ago.

 Let me tell you about my dog-neice Stella bear; I'm dog sitting her (she weighs in at about 100# and is an Anotolian Shepherd) sweet as sweet can be. I guess I pay to much attention to her (is there really such a thing when it comes to animals?). Yesterday I was with her a couple hours watering tree's and flowers plus 1 horse lol; she decided to follow me down the road, I took her back about 4 times then made her get in my car (not hard to do because she thinks the back seat is exciting) took her to the shop and they watched her in the bead warehouse while I swapped out a couple of things for my sister. Then she and I headed home, I tried one more time to leave then locked her in the garage and called the neighbor Barb M. (THANK YOU Barb & Jimmy), she had Jimmy let Stella out for the rest of the day. This morning the same thing, I gave her a dog biscuit, I went to my car as fast as I could and she came bolting around the corner with said biscuit in her mouth and followed me. I went back (I think she jumped about 3 foot in the air with excitement becuase I was coming back), took a dog bone from the freezer (defrosted) and took it in the garage, threw it on her bed and high tailed it back to my car, as I was pulling out she came running around the garage with bone in mouth... I yelled 'STAY' and so far she stayed. Now unless a neighbor calls to tell on her I think we are good. We are not supposed to award her for this behavior but gosh she is so happy when I am there. Just a cute story I thought I'd share (and attached is her picture) Happy dog? 


Sunday, June 23, 2013


Good morning from Loveland, CO (it's 6:30 am)!

I feel better today; I keep smiling and that's a good thing (wish I could share why) lol!  
Still not done with the court things & my ex-husband which I want completely out of my life forever.  Sometimes just thinking about him and all his lies and the cheating will throw me into a tailspin but at least I never cheated and when I lied it was to protect myself or any one of our kids from his ugly wrath.
My attorney sent his attorney the list of items that I have or do not have anymore, so now we are waiting on round 3.  I am requesting that if we go to hearing about this 'Motion for a new trial' (he pursues it) that we ask the judge to award me repayment of my attorney fee's; doesn't mean he will award it to me but if/when my ex loses (he has had a lot of time to answer the divorce petition and didn't, now blaming it on me (it's always someone elses fault with him) so I doubt he would win this new motion, it's just more of a pain and a headache than anything.
My sweet craving is still here probably forever but I do believe it's stress eating and I'm doing much better with it, but it's certainly there every day.  My diabetes is staying about 100 in the mornings and that is good.  I go see the cardiologist on Tuesday afternoon; I have a leaky valve and fluid around my heart plus one valve that has a slow flow BUT they say my heart is strong so I'm not quite so worried as I would normally be.  We are just being proactive and ruling out any big issues causing this.  

Well hope yall have a wonderful day today and you keep smiling also.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Theresa Strader has saved nearly 8000 dogs and just lost her home in a tragic Colorado fire.

Theresa Strader has saved nearly 8000 dogs from puppy mills and she just lost her home in a tragic Colorado Springs fire. She's spent her life unselfishly taking care of animals and children in need - now she needs our help.  Read more:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tomorrow is the hearing; my ex has filed a Motion for a New Trial on our divorce.  I doubt it will be allowed but stranger things have happened.  I have a couple of pretty good 'agressive' young attorney's working on my case.  So far even though we haven't gone to court, I am pretty confidant in them. So say a prayer for me!
I'm having sweet attacks from my nerves, this can't be allowed.  :(

So I've decided that this saying is correct; think BIG & think POSITIVE!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another 'WHAT A DAY!'

Yesterday was crazy finding a lawyer to retain to stop this 'Motion for a New Trial' that my ex has started, found one, they are young with a lot of exuberance, you can hear it in their voice.  They keep telling me not to worry but it's not the Motion itself that has me worried, it's the having to see or hear my ex's voice.  I want never to see or hear him again EVER!

I've sold most of the guns he wants, he is not coming into my house to get the 24 gun safe, he is especially not coming onto my property with his married girlfriend.  He may have made a fool out of me for several years but he's not going to throw that thing in my face again.  I just want him out of my life so he can stay a bad memory that taught me a huge lesson.

He used to buy me lots of Montana Silversmith Jewelry, always wanting to know if I showed it to my mom or Linda, he used to show it to all his lady friends or tell them about it - now I know it wasn't bought because he loved me, he bought it to pick up women, some stupid women will go after a man they think is a winner and will treat them right!  HA  "see what I bought my wife" "wow she is so lucky to have such a wonderful husband!" BOOM

Our entire marriage was about him, his needs and his wants; I won't be taken for granted anymore nor made a fool of.

Can you tell I'm not having a good day?  Ah well, let me get past Monday and I'll be better with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  WISH ME LUCK~

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rough day yesterday evening!

How do you just say "To hell with everything" and become drama free?   In trying to help my niece yesterday, which I won't go into for her privacy but suffice to say I couldn't help her and I felt badly.  I ended up getting an email stating my ex has filed a hearing date for a Motion for a New Trial in regards to our Final Divorce Decree.  Now I have to retain an attorney *(%&$$&^)*)+&%@  ~  He can't win this, it should be dismissed but it's the fact that I never EVER wanted to see his hateful face again.  Putting it mildly; I don't need this FUDGING CHIT!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO This morning I have attempted to retain an attorney to represent me and hope I don't have to come back to Texas for this hearing.  I want him and everything that reminds me of him out of my life.  It's been so nice being away from him and his negatism, his hateful and ugly words towards me and my children.  I've been climbing one hill & a few mountains after another putting one foot in front of the other (baby steps) in order to reach a plateau of calmness.  I'm so ready for peace.

Okay I'm done whining; will let you know the new chapter in 'The Life of Kim' when I know more.

At the minute Sydney has decided to deposit himself on my lap and try to give me his stinky breath kisses but refuses to kiss my chin, instead wanting to kiss my mouth.  YUCK!  LOL

Oh YEAH, the sun just popped out, warmth here we come :)