Sunday, June 23, 2013


Good morning from Loveland, CO (it's 6:30 am)!

I feel better today; I keep smiling and that's a good thing (wish I could share why) lol!  
Still not done with the court things & my ex-husband which I want completely out of my life forever.  Sometimes just thinking about him and all his lies and the cheating will throw me into a tailspin but at least I never cheated and when I lied it was to protect myself or any one of our kids from his ugly wrath.
My attorney sent his attorney the list of items that I have or do not have anymore, so now we are waiting on round 3.  I am requesting that if we go to hearing about this 'Motion for a new trial' (he pursues it) that we ask the judge to award me repayment of my attorney fee's; doesn't mean he will award it to me but if/when my ex loses (he has had a lot of time to answer the divorce petition and didn't, now blaming it on me (it's always someone elses fault with him) so I doubt he would win this new motion, it's just more of a pain and a headache than anything.
My sweet craving is still here probably forever but I do believe it's stress eating and I'm doing much better with it, but it's certainly there every day.  My diabetes is staying about 100 in the mornings and that is good.  I go see the cardiologist on Tuesday afternoon; I have a leaky valve and fluid around my heart plus one valve that has a slow flow BUT they say my heart is strong so I'm not quite so worried as I would normally be.  We are just being proactive and ruling out any big issues causing this.  

Well hope yall have a wonderful day today and you keep smiling also.

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