Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rough day yesterday evening!

How do you just say "To hell with everything" and become drama free?   In trying to help my niece yesterday, which I won't go into for her privacy but suffice to say I couldn't help her and I felt badly.  I ended up getting an email stating my ex has filed a hearing date for a Motion for a New Trial in regards to our Final Divorce Decree.  Now I have to retain an attorney *(%&$$&^)*)+&%@  ~  He can't win this, it should be dismissed but it's the fact that I never EVER wanted to see his hateful face again.  Putting it mildly; I don't need this FUDGING CHIT!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO This morning I have attempted to retain an attorney to represent me and hope I don't have to come back to Texas for this hearing.  I want him and everything that reminds me of him out of my life.  It's been so nice being away from him and his negatism, his hateful and ugly words towards me and my children.  I've been climbing one hill & a few mountains after another putting one foot in front of the other (baby steps) in order to reach a plateau of calmness.  I'm so ready for peace.

Okay I'm done whining; will let you know the new chapter in 'The Life of Kim' when I know more.

At the minute Sydney has decided to deposit himself on my lap and try to give me his stinky breath kisses but refuses to kiss my chin, instead wanting to kiss my mouth.  YUCK!  LOL

Oh YEAH, the sun just popped out, warmth here we come :)


  1. too bad we just cant shoot the bastards when they turn bad!!! lol

  2. LOL Dianna, I have to go back to Texas because of this crap.