Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tomorrow is the hearing; my ex has filed a Motion for a New Trial on our divorce.  I doubt it will be allowed but stranger things have happened.  I have a couple of pretty good 'agressive' young attorney's working on my case.  So far even though we haven't gone to court, I am pretty confidant in them. So say a prayer for me!
I'm having sweet attacks from my nerves, this can't be allowed.  :(

So I've decided that this saying is correct; think BIG & think POSITIVE!


  1. when you say sweet attacks, do you mean that you crave sweets? have you tried the Davinci line of sugar free syrups? you can add the syrup too just about anything. I don't crave food, but this might help you. lacey

  2. I've never heard of Davinci, but will look for it. I crave sweets at times of high stress and since I have an addiction to food period, I can't always control myself when it comes to sweets. I'm diabetic so that makes it 20x worse.

    Thank you for the input.

  3. that is so strange that you say that you have an addiction to food, still? have you not overcome that with the bypass surgery? I know it is up to us to learn to control ourselves....I am curious as to how you handle that? the surgery did not take care of the diabetic issue? do you not get dumping when you eat sweets? forgive me for being so forward, I am very interested. lacey

  4. Hi, yes I'm a food addict and will always be. I have gotten to the point of eating much smaller portions, no longer feel the need to fill my plate so I'm training myself each day. The bypass stopped a lot of my bad eating habits and yes by dumping or my stomach hurts bad from being to full. Now I'm trying to train myself to eat less sweetened products, it's a struggle though. If I had only had diabetes a few years then chances are it would have gone away as I lost weight, instead they figure I've been diabetic since I was probably a teenager. I remember my grandmother feeding me bowls of fudge, rice pudding, bread pudding etc.. as a child. Most people will stretch their pouch with breading etc.. I'm very fortunate.

  5. interesting. so you are still successful with the surgery? but still struggling daily?
    it also sounds like you have a lot of crap going on in your life (ex) that would lead to possible stress eating.
    I struggled all of my life, weight wise, but I can gain eating too much of even healthy foods. genetics. lacey

  6. I don't gain eating healthy; can't eat salads, breads, soda, even milk products very much, they are to be treated as a treat but I love fruits and veggies so I TRY to be careful with them. Proteins are the main thing I need to get into me. Water is not my fave drink but I try, because you need water to help with all your bodily systems and help hydrate your skin. (I lather on Vit E cream &/or Cocoa Butter creams w Vit E for my skin)
    Several small meals per day seems to help me the best; I'm in no way lazy, I am very active. I don't go to the gym but I don't like to sit still for long, used to go swimming a lot too. The skin issues that I do have bother me but they don't keep me from wearing shorts cut just above the knee's or tank tops. Now if I hadn't had my 2200# draft horses to contend with for the first couple of years after my surgery, I would have so much more skin.
    I have had an eating disorder my entire life over 50 years, so I'm not suprised it hasn't gone away but I am happy I'm managing it more now than ever. Still have my sweet attacks and they always pay me back. lol