Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another 'WHAT A DAY!'

Yesterday was crazy finding a lawyer to retain to stop this 'Motion for a New Trial' that my ex has started, found one, they are young with a lot of exuberance, you can hear it in their voice.  They keep telling me not to worry but it's not the Motion itself that has me worried, it's the having to see or hear my ex's voice.  I want never to see or hear him again EVER!

I've sold most of the guns he wants, he is not coming into my house to get the 24 gun safe, he is especially not coming onto my property with his married girlfriend.  He may have made a fool out of me for several years but he's not going to throw that thing in my face again.  I just want him out of my life so he can stay a bad memory that taught me a huge lesson.

He used to buy me lots of Montana Silversmith Jewelry, always wanting to know if I showed it to my mom or Linda, he used to show it to all his lady friends or tell them about it - now I know it wasn't bought because he loved me, he bought it to pick up women, some stupid women will go after a man they think is a winner and will treat them right!  HA  "see what I bought my wife" "wow she is so lucky to have such a wonderful husband!" BOOM

Our entire marriage was about him, his needs and his wants; I won't be taken for granted anymore nor made a fool of.

Can you tell I'm not having a good day?  Ah well, let me get past Monday and I'll be better with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  WISH ME LUCK~

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