Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good morning from sunny Loveland, Colorado

I look outside and just want to go get lost in these awesome mountains; we are on the eastern slope of the Rockies; so easy to get mesmerized with the view.  I find myself driving along to who knows where and watching the moutains as I go, one day I am going to take a drive up there and go on a mini-exploration.

This is one of my views as I'm driving to Berthoud, Colorado from Loveland; pure raw beauty.   It's almost like sitting watching a fish tank, you relax so much just viewing them.  Problem is if you are driving you have to keep your eyes on the road or uh oh!   Another thing is that Colorado is full of bicyclists and at any given moment you can come upon them.  Keeping your eyes on the lookout is a big undertaking for everyone's safety.  I'm not really sure I care for these bike routes right next to your driving lane, so dangerous in my opinion.  One day I came upon a huge group of riders, they were in some sort of tournament, can you imagine having to navigate safely around them on a 2 lane road with oncoming traffic?

I have to say that being up here in Colorado has given me a sense of peace I haven't felt in a few years; super therapeutic.  I keep thinking I'd like to buy myself a bike and start riding a couple miles a day 
(one day?)  who knows?   My life has come full circle so many times, I can't keep up with it. ha

Enough for this morning; just a nice GOOD MORNING to everyone.

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